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Q&A With Rupert Bevan

Behind The Scenes At Janine Stone & Co.

Rupert Bevan is a renowned British furniture maker, whose team specialises in designing, making and finishing bespoke furniture, mirrors and specialist finishes. Their extensive and wide-ranging expertise allows them to design and create on any scale, from concept to completion. Each of their pieces are made and finished in Britain, and the studio places great importance on local manufacturing.

The Janine Stone & Co. team regularly visit Rupert in his London showroom, to discuss our client’s fine furniture commissions and to see the new and exclusive finishes, which are constantly being developed from his design studio and workshop in Shropshire – an ideal location for Britain’s craft traditions to continue to evolve and thrive. In a brief Q&A with Janine Stone this month, Rupert, kindly gave us an insight into some of his personal style and taste.

1. My signature wardrobe item …
Despite my love of colour, I have noticed that I only seem to pick one, blue! I try not to analyse too much, but maybe as one gets older you narrow down colour to what you think best suits you.

2. The last music I listened to …
My music collection is terrible, and I love everybody else’s. I’ve yet to advance beyond The Clash & The Cure.

3. A book on my bedside table …
I have a never-ending tower of self-help & reference books. In the eternal hope that I might improve myself & my knowledge. At present the book I am reading is “A short History of London” by Simon Jenkins.

4. My guilty pleasure …(Food or Drink)
Both, if possible.

5. A place that inspires me …
I love the V&A. You can travel hundreds of years in just a few hours. How cool is that?!

6. Something I do when I’m not working …
I cook and read endless cookbooks. I often wonder if I could ever have had cooking as a different career. So, if ever I make any money, I am going to style it beautifully, make delicious food and go happily bankrupt!.

7. A project/creation I’m proud to recall …
I love craft, so just having a studio with so many disciplines. One minute I am steam bending timber and the next oxidizing brass. I think it’s the never-ending learning curve.

Learn how Janine Stone works with and commissions furniture designers like Rupert for our interior design creations. If you have a project in mind then don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.