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Our world is a collection of news, events, culture and lifestyle observations from around the globe giving you a window into our thoughts.

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5 Podcasts On Architecture, Interiors & Design

What Every Design Lover Should Be Listening To

Podcast listening in the last few years has boomed around the world. Despite interiors and design typically being a very visually driven industry, there is an amazing amount you can learn about design simply by listening.

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Deborah Tarr artwork

How To Choose A Piece Of Art For Your Home

Interior Design Advice

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing art for your home, even for our interior designers. However there are a few rules of thumb for selecting the right art for your space.

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Whaley Stained Glass and Bronze Table Lamp

North American Art Deco Lamps

Five Of The Best

During the inter-war years of the 20th century, Art Deco was the most fashionable design movement internationally. We take a look at 5 lamps, from North America, that exemplify the iconic style.

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5 Magazines I Keep On My Coffee Table

Janine Stone & Co. Design Director, Anthony Bevacqua

What magazines does Interior Designer and Janine Stone & Co. Design Director, Anthony Bevacqua keep on his coffee table? We take a look at his influences.

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Sourcing The Right Antique Chandelier

Interior Design Advice

The right chandelier can make or break an interior design. Sourcing the right one for your space requires the consideration of many factors. Here are five exceptional examples.

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Dining Table Furniture in High End Interiors

Case Study: Using Art As Inspiration For Interior Design

How Home Interiors Are Tailored To Our Clients

When our interior design studio receives a new commission, one of the first undertakings for our designers is to establish the inspiration for the project. Whilst other interior designers simply design from what inspires them, Janine Stone & Co. invest a tremendous amount of  work seeking inspiration from our client’s lifestyle and personal tastes. For instance a client …

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Janine Stone Mood Board example

Why We Use Moodboards

Behind The Scenes at Janine Stone & Co.

In this series of posts we go behind the scenes at Janine Stone & Co., sharing with you what’s involved in our design process and what makes the process special for our clients.  Why We Use Moodboards… Before we can explain, why we use mood boards, it is important to first explain what one is. A moodboard (also known …

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Masterpiece London 2019

What To See At This Year’s Masterpiece London Art Fair

Now in its 10th year, Masterpiece London has grown and grown in size to become a leading destination for international collectors looking to buy across a multitude of art forms.

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London craft week

3 Highlights From London Craft Week

Since its first edition in 2015, London Craft Week has showcased the very best in craftsmanship from the UK and internationally.

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From The Studio: 3 Ceramicists & Industrial Designers We Love

Ceramic sculptors and industrial designers create the objects in the home that provide utility, but who is to say these objects can’t bring aesthetic beauty to the interior. We profile three ceramic artists and industrial designers, who are at the top of their art and craft.

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