Design & Development Appraisals

Understand The Full Potential Of A Property

Every year a trove of ‘hidden gem’ properties in Prime Central London are overlooked by buyers, who either couldn’t see the full potential of the properties they viewed, or weren’t sure of the design changes that could be made. For over three decades Janine Stone & Co. has acted as the private development arm to the most discerning private clients, taking on renovation, refurbishment, extension and new build projects in London’s most prestigious neighbouhoods. Utilising this experience, we are now offering complimentary pre-purchase design and development appraisals to individuals, who have a residential property (over £5m in Prime Central London and over £3m outside London) that they might acquire.

What’s Included?

Our consultations are designed to help you define a viable and ultimate vision of your new residence. Should you decide to acquire the property, there is no obligation to use Janine Stone & Co. as your main contractor, but we’ll sure be glad if you decide to commission us to continue to lead the project through to planning, design and build. The pre-purchase design and development appraisals include:

  • A telephone or in-person consultation to understand your requirements and view on the property being considered.
  • A one page report outlining the design and development opportunities of any property you are considering.
  • Indicative floor plans – to visually demonstrate any possible changes to the property size and configuration
  • A visit to the property with you, to guide you through the possibilities of the property.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Design inspiration – Sometimes it takes an experienced interior designer and architect to see the full potential of a property.
  • Risk reduction – Changes you thought were possible to make to a property may later be blocked by heritage and planning authorities. This can be very expensive to correct if you have already acquired the property. Our design team grounds their observations and recommendations in decades of experience, knowing what various planning authorities, like and don’t like to approve.
  • It’s completely complimentary- as long as you are a person with serious intent to buy the property you have asked us to appraise.

What’s Are The Criteria?

  • The property to be appraised, must be with an intent for residential use.
  • If the property is located in London, it must have a valuation of at least £5 million.
  • If the property is located in the UK, outside of London, it must have a valuation of at least £3 million.

Arrange A Consultation

Janine Stone & Co. collaborates  closely with private individuals and their representatives, including family offices. If you would like to contact us about our services including pre-purchase design and development appraisal, please contact us by email ( or call 0207 349 8888. All communications will be discretely and professionally managed.

If you still need to find the right property for your project, our website’s “buy and refurbish” section lists a selection of currently available properties, which we think have exceptional refurbishment potential also.