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Pre-Purchase Property Design Appraisals

“Design and development appraisals are essential for property buyers, looking to undertake a renovation project.”

Janine Stone & Co. provides complimentary early development appraisals to potential purchasers of prime real estate in London and throughout the UK. These appraisals most commonly happen when the purchaser has been introduced to us by an estate agent or buying agent, working on their behalf, to help find the right property for a refurbishment or new build project.

Whether you want to modernise and extend an established property to create your dream home, or even considering demolishing a property to build a new one in its’ place. Property buyers of all kinds often start out with the same questions pre-purchase. These include: “Will I be able to make the changes I want to the building?”, “How can I make the best use of space?”, “How much is the project likely to cost?”, “How long will it take to complete?”, “How likely does a project like this risk delays and extra costs due to planning, conservation and heritage issues?” and “How can I best mitigate these risks?”.

When these risks, becomes issues on a project, nowhere are they more costly to apprehend than in the upper end of the property market; namely the most expensive residences in prime central London and their equivalents in the countryside.

This is why it’s essential to take advice early on in the process (pre-purchase) from a company with enough professional experience across all these matters to provide; the correct advice, answer all your questions and painlessly guide you through the process you’re about to embark on.

What do property design appraisals typically include?

As an architectural, design and build practice with experience designing and renovating high-end residential property, Janine Stone has undertaken countless design appraisals for private clients over our 30 years’ in business. Property design appraisals are carried out by our architectural and design departments and cover a comprehensive range of topics.


Risk & Opportunity Schedule

Initially a property design appraisal begins with the creation of a ‘risk and opportunity schedule’, which helps buyers to identify all the design and development ‘pros and cons’ of a given property.

The risks identified will rarely mean your project isn’t feasible, rather they’ll act as a guide to where the opportunities exist and how some of the development obstacles can be mitigated. The schedule typically identifies risks across; planning, conservation, highways, ecology, contamination, community, and outlines a strategy for how to maximise the property’s development potential and achieve your personal requirements and aspirations.

Janine Stone & Co. will then consult you about the risks and opportunities identified. We will discuss which risks can be easily addressed and which may prove more challenging to overcome. Our team will help you to consider the best- and worst-case scenarios, so that you are fully informed before making a purchase decision or not on the property.


Design Potential

In some cases, prospective property buyers are simply looking for inspiration on how they can realise the full potential of a tired space, beyond their own thoughts and ideas. Consequently, as part of a design appraisal, our team will provide guidance on architecture styles and how the space could be re-configured to achieve to the prospective buyers aims. On occasion previous appraisals have included the production of new floor plan drawings, that demonstrate the potential of a space when reconfigured.


Indicative Costs & Timelines

Renovation projects are notoriously difficult to price but a combination of reasonable assumptions and reference to costs from similar projects should result in a ‘ballpark’ estimate. Janine Stone & Co. will also be able to provide an approximate timeline for your projects’ realisation.
Should a successful acquisition take place, we are always delighted to continue to work for the clients we have completed design appraisals for. We act as our client’s personal development arm across the entire process from; conception of the initial design ideas, through to a fully developed detailed design, acquiring the necessary planning approvals and implementing the design and build phases of the project.

Further information

If you would like to contact us about our design appraisals, please contact us by email ( or call 0207 349 8888.

If you still need to find the right property for your project, our website’s “buy and refurbish” section lists a selection of currently available properties, which we think have exceptional refurbishment potential.