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Interior Design Trends

Raising the Bar …

The contemporary bar is fast becoming a must-have for the elite home whether this be created in a country or city residence. These chic spaces sit comfortably alongside an increasingly long list of essentials for elegant 21st century living.

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Contemporary Design Trends

Modern dressing rooms come of age …

“When one thinks of a walk-in wardrobe or a bespoke designed dressing room, we tend to envisage dark areas where the only consideration is one of storage. However, the most alluring and comfortable are dressing rooms within their own right; spacious, glamorous and suffused with a combination of natural and artificial light so that colours and textures can be seen accurately”

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The Glacier Skywalk at Banff, Canada

A view from the top…

We look at the amazing Glacier Skywalk situated near Lake Louise, Banff.

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Fireplace Design Trends with Nicholas Chesney

Time to turn up the heat

One of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of fireplaces, Nicholas Chesney gives his considered view on recent trends and developments.

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Thoughts On Lakeside Living

What a lakeside home should be

Janine keeps in mind that a lakeside house should reflect its surroundings and work in harmony with the landscape

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Janine Stone Award Winning Interior Design

The Art of Housing Collections

Inside Interior Design

Artwork is the signature of the individual’s taste and preferences. These collections can be a statement of wealth or identify a collector’s cultural credentials. Learn more about the art of housing collections.

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