“A tailor cuts his cloth, as we design interiors. We don’t have a house style, because it’s our belief that a luxury interior is only achieved when it’s made bespoke to those who have inspired it.”

Anthony Bevacqua
Design Director, Janine Stone & Co.

Residential Interior Design

For 30 years Janine Stone & Co. has designed high-end residential interiors for the most discerning clientele based in London, across the UK and internationally. Our residential interior design services allow our clients to achieve entirely bespoke home interiors where every element has been carefully planned, sourced, and acquired by our team in order to manifest themselves into the interiors that exceed every brief.

Janine Stone & Co.’s residential interior design team has extensive experience across a variety of interior styles and international influences. In combination with out desire to make truly exceptional homes for our clients, we do not have a house style per se. Clients relish receiving early glimpses into their finished home through the illustrations, CGIs, mood boards, furniture and lighting layouts we presented to them with each new phase in the programme and the end result is always a home that is crafted for the people who inspired it.

Contemporary Interior Design

Janine Stone & Co. creates interiors that are creatively grounded in the lifestyles and aspirations of clients. Every project we undertake is therefore unique and different to the other work we undertake. No where is this more evident than the projects where our clients have a desire to achieve a more contemporary look and feel in their home.

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Classical Interior Design

True classical interiors are deeply influenced by the art, aesthetics and culture of ancient western civilizations. Many interiors people refer to as ‘classical’ today are very often more recent interpretations of these schools of thought. Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Edwardian classicism are examples.  These are the styles that would have originally been found in many of London’s existing townhouses, parkside villas and mews homes. Very often our clients enjoy the elegance of these classically inspired forms, but want to update them to meet the needs of a busy modern lifestyle. Updating interiors in this way requires very subtle sensitivity for interior design that Janine Stone & Co. is proud to showcase in many previous interior design projects.

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