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No laughing matter…

…serious debate today at BBC’s HQ London when British luxury lobby group, Walpole invited Janine Stone and their illustrious member brands to a pow-wow with the wonderful broadcasting talent at Langham Place.

The focus was Storytelling:  Lessons for Luxury Brands.  Superb contributions from veteran Natural History Unit producer Mike Gunton who brought into sharp focus his work with the legendary Sir David Attenborough.  He shone a light on the extraordinary natural world they record and share with the viewing planet.  Hard Talk’s Stephen Sacher shared his observations on conversations he has conducted with some of the worlds left field interviewees, and a remarkably candid exchange with Hollywood star, Jane Fonda.

The panel discussion was less enlightening, but nevertheless vibrant!  Engaging with millennials in a meaningful way just got harder.  The panel jostled for position in the reluctant acceptance, for now, that those ‘pesky’ youngsters just won’t be brought into line. It reminded me of an earlier comment made by Stephen Sacher.  “The key to a good interview or discussion is to be able to listen”.  However, Sophie Gallois representing Plymouth Gin© was onto something, in that perhaps the world has had their fill of celebrity endorsements and it was time to let quality shine in its own right.  A concept Janine Stone wholeheartedly endorses.

HardTalk's Stephen Sacher with the BBC's Lucy Hockings.