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Introducing STUDIO by Janine Stone

An exciting era of design excellence and possibilities

Janine Stone announces the launch of a new suite of services developed exclusively for the smaller scale interior design and build project of between £250,000 and £1million.


STUDIO by Janine Stone has been formed in response to a demand from clients who are seeking a more financially-accessible service with which to create their new home or a refurbishment to their existing living space.

The STUDIO service will identify a range of elegant design and technical solutions embracing finishes, fittings and fabrics, which deliver a vibrant and beautiful scheme.  Underpinning this new service, is the assurance for clients that all the Janine Stone design and build exemplars are in place, but contained within a leaner financial framework.  The STUDIO brings together an expert team of designers and construction managers who will work closely with clients to maximise the potential of their budget in order to deliver an enduring and memorable project.  By choosing STUDIO by Janine Stone, clients will be able to enjoy the benefits and security of unparalleled design and build quality inherent in every Janine Stone project.


Janine Stone comments:

“We knew instinctively and through research that there was an opportunity to develop a new range of services for this important group of clients.  The research was telling us that this client was currently being marginalised, suffice to say, we felt this presented huge scope for the company to create something individual and focused for them.  They told us they could not find the quality and design vision that met with their hopes and expectations for their homes at a cost that would work for them.  A key factor in our desire to create this service was informed by the knowledge that these clients formed a significantly large group and previously they believed a Janine Stone designed project was out of their reach.
With introduction of STUDIO we shall, for the first time, be able to extend the unique attributes of the Janine Stone brand to this group of clients.  We will also be able to give them the same level of excellent design and construction management expertise as used on our larger, multi-million pound projects, but through a more affordable framework.   I like to think of this new departure as the ‘diffusion’ line to the main collection if you will, but retaining all the benefits of a Janine Stone signature project”.



From professionals and entrepreneurs to young couples and families, the comprehensive range of STUDIO design services will help clients achieve their aspirations through all of the projects’ complexities; from planning and implementation to the delivery of distinctive design solutions through to the comfort of seamless project management.  Janine Stone works closely with clients, project managing the complete process from conception of the design vision before moving through to presenting the most financially efficient strategy for delivering the works and ultimately to the final finish of the exquisite interiors.