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Creating The House of Your Dreams

Janine Stone In Country Life Magazine

In the first of a new series of masterclasses, Country Life’s Executive Editor Giles Kime talks to Janine Stone about the exciting possibilities of creating a new home and the factors that need to be considered when planning one.

“It’s easy to forget that every great house was a reflection of the era in which it was built and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case in the 21st century … Often, a house that looks great doesn’t work on the inside, with windows in the wrong places or rooms that don’t have the correct dimensions to achieve the flow and functionality of a comfortable, elegant home …The key elements include good, well-thought-out design, selection of the best sub-contractors to implement the work, plus strong and meticulous management of the sub-contractors during the building works.”

Janine Stone & Co. are delighted to be lending our expertise for this new series in Country Life Magazine. The above quotes are just a preview from the Magazine’s most recent article with us. As a gesture to our friends, we invite you to read the full print or online version of the article by clicking the respective links.