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Working With Artisans:

Alexander Lamont

As part of our series showcasing the work of the exceptional artisans, fine craftsmen and women that Janine Stone works with. We pick out some of our favourite pieces from; the British furniture, object and lighting designer, Alexander Lamont‘s Editions collection of decorative objects and accessories.



The Editions Collection

There is no doubt that Alex’s design aesthetic is heavily influenced by “a life lived between East and West”. Influences that manifest themselves in the form, techniques and materials Alex chooses. Much of his work, including those we’ve selected previously for clients, straddle the line between furniture and art. The Editions collection focuses on Alexander Lamont’s decorative objects, accessories that seemingly hold the power to transport observers to exotic climes and far away places featuring; bronze casts, sculpted vessels lined with gold; deeply pigmented jade-cut glass vases; faceted rock crystal, trays and boxes enveloped by parchment and raw shagreen, exemplifies these powers. If there was a common thread from our picks from the collection, it is perhaps the way Alex has sculpted these decadent materials so voluptuously as to give them almost life like and natural form.

Gilded Scallops


A group of shell forms for the dining or cocktail table – made from patinated bronze and lined with pure gold leaf. They catch and reflect the candlelight and the glow of after-dinner conversation among friends.

Miko Jar

A bronze sculptural piece inspired by strongly woven bamboo. A work that typifies Lamont’s ability to play with our senses.

Lusty Vessels

These lusty vessels have a surface that is cool and smooth to the touch. Alexander says he was inspired by the lobes and scale of a Japanese hibachi brazier, but then decided to melt the form into a pumpkin.

These are our picks from Editions. For more information contact Miles de Lange, UK Agent for Alexander Lamont – furniture, lighting, objects and marquetry.