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Fireplace Design Trends with Nicholas Chesney

Time to turn up the heat

The last decade has seen the widespread popularity of an understated minimalist aesthetic for interiors, a look which has been reflected in the choice of simple architectural fire surrounds and contemporary fire baskets and irons, the former usually fabricated in a Mediterranean Limestone of some description.    However, this past year has seen a strong trend emerging in a more decorative style of fireplace both in the UK and across the Atlantic.  I have started to see a resurgence of interest in more elaborate and intricate designs of fireplace;  period designs which take centre stage in a room.   This is not a case of the 1980s and 1990s repeating themselves, when an obsession with period detail saw retail customers and industry specifiers demanding a style of fireplace appropriate to the period of their property.  Today it is more about a contemporary manifestation of luxury and opulence for period designs because these are the designs that sit most comfortably in these interiors.  The same rules still apply to the selection of a fireplace, whether contemporary or period – scale and proportion are everything but the shift is that an exponentially wider range of styles are now in play.  At its extreme, this movement is also seeing the growing popularity of antique fireplaces returning.