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The Value of Art

Can You Collect For Pleasure and Get An Investment Return?

The value of art is a broad subject, and one argued from every direction – whether art is political, emotional, passionate, observational or reflective. We all have a different take on what art means to us, and which artworks, artists and movements are the most “important”.

The Fine Art Group works with high net worth individuals and their families to help build art collections that reflect their personal tastes and inclinations, while protecting their assets. At a recent event hosted by Janine Stone, the group shared with us why it is really important for their clients to consider the many ways in which an artwork is valued. It’s not just the reputation of the artist. Too often collectors get drawn in by a big name and fail to see the pitfalls of the purchase. As the Fine Art Group’s Chairman, Lord Gowrie, who has worked in both the public art sector as Minister of Culture and the private sector as Chairman of Sotheby’s has previously stated ; “it is not about buying a Picasso, it is about buying the right Picasso”.

Managing Director of The Fine Art Group, Guy Jennings, who has worked with some of the world’s most passionate collector, similarly shares his perspective on art’s value; namely a well curated collection has the power to enrich the lives of its owners, as well enhancing investment potential.

The Fine Art Group provides a holistic approach to art; whether they are new to the art market, passionate collectors or inheriting their family collection. Janine Stone & Co. appreciate the group sharing with us the videos and content that made this feature possible.