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Step Three: Presenting The Ideas & Agreeing The Design

Commissioning Janine Stone & Co.

“By using perspective illustrations, CGIs and 3D models we establish the design style, enabling us to proceed to the more detailed work with complete confidence.”

In this series of posts we take a look at the steps involved in commissioning Janine Stone & Co. as your architect, interior designer and/or build project manager. These steps are a guideline to the process that our clients experience when working with us.  Every design journey is different though and individually tailored to clients’ desires.

Step Three: Presenting The Ideas

The presentation of ideas is the moment in time when the wishes of the client, the vision of the designer and the personality of the property come together. The result should inspire, excite and delight, beginning the process of realising a client’s aspirations.

To meet all of the aesthetic and practical requirements of a brief it is often necessary to start with such fundamentals of the structure. Early architectural drawings might show, for example, how to redistribute a space by opening up a number of rooms to create a more dynamic and inspiring living space.

Watercolour drawings help to establish common ground between the designer and the client, in terms of the project’s design aesthetic and style trajectory.

Perhaps the best way for all concerned to visualise a design is to be presented with a three dimensional computer animation or CGI. Typically it is one of the most exciting early milestones of the project life-cycle. This allows our designers to assimilate all of their ideas and work to date in ways that can be seen from multiple angles and perspectives.

It is then possible to establish the client has real enthusiasm for the proposed design, enabling all concerned to proceed to the more detailed work ith complete confidence.

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