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Stage Seven: Adding The Finishing Touches

Commissioning Janine Stone & Co.

“Interior design is not about a designer imposing his or her views on how your home should look. It is the result of a process, with your likes and dislikes every bit as important as the designer’s talent and expertise.”

In this series of posts we take a look at the steps involved in commissioning Janine Stone & Co. as your architect, interior designer and/or build project manager. These steps are a guideline to the process that our clients experience when working with us.

Step Seven: Adding The Finishing Touches

On the journey towards completion of any project, there is always an array of different and interesting experiences. During these latter stages of the project we invite our clients to join us in search of what the french call objet trouvé. This word literally translates as ‘object found’ and to the interior designer it refers to personal treasures perhaps found in the studio of an unknown artist, an unassuming antique market or through an international auction house. It is important that the finishing touches create a vibrant and exciting living environment that clients’ can call their own, unique details and personal touches that make the final result truly special.