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Stage Five: Commissioning The Craftsmen And Women

Commissioning Janine Stone & Co.

“I visit the craftsmen throughout the project to ensure the workmanship and detail is true to the original design.”


In this series of posts we take a look at the steps involved in commissioning Janine Stone & Co. as your architect, interior designer and/or build project manager. These steps are a guideline to the process that our clients experience when working with us. 

Step Five: Commissioning The Craftsmen And Women

If an interior design project is similar to embarking on a journey, then it is a ‘world tour’ rather than a city-break. That is why the most detailed and meticulous planning is essential for you to arrive at your chosen destination on time and on budget. For this reason project management takes on an increasing importance as the craftsmen and women are commissioned to create bespoke furniture and pieces for the project. With the support of an experienced team, the lead designer keeps in touch with these artisans at every stage of the commission. Apart from the personal satisfaction this gives to see our bespoke designs come to life, it also ensures that finest details and workmanship stay true to the original design as part of the wider design scheme.