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Sourcing The Right Antique Chandelier

Interior Design Advice

“The chandelier has been one of the most iconic fixtures in a home interior for at least 400 years.”

The right chandelier can make or break an interior design. Sourcing the right one for your space requires the consideration of many factors including the size of the room, ceiling height, interior architecture and style, including the materials from which the chandelier itself is made.

The most important factor to consider, when choosing an antique chandelier, is whether the chandler suits the style of your space. When you’re in the antique house, being told the majestic history of neo-classical style chandelier, it is easy to fall in love with the idea of it. However would you be better off with a more delicate recoco style chandelier that better lends itself to the interior architecture and decoration of your home.

As with any serious antique, it is important to be sure of their authenticity and provenance. Factors such as the glass quality, weight and whether the gilding or drops are original must be considered to properly value any item. Having scoured the 1st Dibs website for hidden gems in recent weeks, here are five outstanding examples of antique chandeliers.

Louis XVI Style Silvered Bronze & Cut-Glass Chandelier (Paris, circa 1900.)

Designed in the same manner as Baccarat, this Louis XVI style ten-light (cut glass) crystal chandelier, is a fine example of 19th-20th century french craftsmanship. Topped with a molded glass rosette above three pairs of silver plated bronze candleholders, the body is elongated and surmounted with strands of diamond-cut-shaped glass prisms. The lower part has a water-fall shaped sectional with cut-glass bottom ending where there is a crystal cup and sphere,

French Louis XV Style Gilt-Bronze and Baccarat Cut Crystal Chandelier

This elegant and decorative gilt bronze and cut crystal chandelier is in the Classic French Louis XV style. Attributed to the Cristalleries De Baccarat. The chandelier is composed of nine arm-lights, with exceptional white crystal pieces, plaques, and three daggers. One fine cut-crystal ball terminates the chandelier.

Victorian Sixteen-Light Cut Glass Antique Chandelier by Perry & Co (1860)

This is sixteen-light cut glass antique chandelier in truly excellent condition. The two tiers of rope twist branches issuing from a mitre cut receiver bowl this with a drop hung under canopy and lapidary cut finial, the baluster shaped shaft with draping pan and swaged canopy the chandelier profusely draped with double pointed spangles and pear shaped finial drops.

18th Century Venetian Crystal Chandelier with Gilt Detail

A fine example of an 18th century Venetian crystal chandelier with solid crystal arms and 8 lights. The circular corona is stylized with twisted crystal scrolls, above a baluster shaped stem and reverse gilt painted bowl issuing eight scrolling candle arms and eight stylized scrolls. The scrolls are affixed with crystal spears, all hung with draped beaded chain with drop pendants.

Louis XVI Style Glass Tent and Bag Chandelier by Baccarat (Circa 1900.)

The design for this chandelier, is directly related to a chandelier illustrated in Baccarat’s ‘Tarif des Articles d’Eclairage’, from the turn of the century, as Lustre Série E.454. Indeed it is a fine Louis XVI style cut and moulded glass tent and bag chandelier by La Compagnie des Cristalleries De Baccarat. The carona and central ring supporting moulded glass leaves and hung with Albert drops, the lower basket section terminating in a faceted ball.

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Images courtesy of 1stdibs.