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Celebrating British Design Excellence

An exhibition by David Linley and Scott Simpson

Design Director, Anthony Bevacqua attended last night’s celebration of British Design, Craftsmanship, Engineering and Innovation curated by David Linley and Scott Simpson at Linley’s flagship store in Pimlico.   Borne from David’s motivation to shine a light on the craft of simply ‘making and creating’, the interactive exhibition brings together traditional craftsmen skills and modern-day innovators and engineers who are artisans in their own right.

On view is a rich heritage of British design giving insight into the expertise and endeavour of the artisan.  The edit includes some of David’s own fine pieces of furniture, a spectacle specialist, fine shoe and  motorbike makers to milliners, silversmiths and gun makers .  David’s passion to share his love of exquisite craft with a wider audience is infectious – to see up close and personal the majesty of a McLaren engine, the beauty of custom made Lobb shoes and how they cosset the foot, the intricate tracery engraving on a Purdey gun giving it perfect balance to the engineering excellence of a Bremont watch which allows it to withstand the force of an ejector seat is sheer joy.

A Celebration of British Design, Craftsmanship, Engineering & Innovation – Linley, 60 Pimlico Road, London. SW1W 8LP

Image caption:  The Equus Desk by Alex Hull for Linley