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Pearls at the V&A

….The  stunning exhibition exploring the glamour and allure of pearls over the centuries is due to come to an end at the V&A next week.  The Qatar Museums Authority is a joint sponsor of this beautiful exhibition which looks at the history of pearls from the early Roman Empire through to the present day.

Pearls, iridescent textures, shimmering, sheen and metallic finishes play an important part in the narrative of contemporary luxury interiors.  From beautifully patterned mother of pearl wall treatments, to glistening panels of sumptuous silk, pearlised leather , pearl encrusted passementerie and elegant objet ‘ d Art  – its influence can be seen in the chicest interiors.  The pearl’s lustre and depth of tone add a glamorous edge to a room playing with the natural light and reflection. For this bedroom (featured) small pearl and crystal beading is traced through pale blue silk bullion fringing to these elegant ottomans.   ends 19th January 2014