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Interior Design Trends

Raising the Bar …

The creation of luxury rooms and spaces devoted to specific rituals and retreats make a significant contribution to attaining a more gracious way of living.   The in-house bar is one such area enjoying popularity again and can now be found in the very best private residences; no longer the corner nook of yesteryear with brash optics and branded drinks jostling for attention.  Today these havens to elegant drinking will almost certainly occupy a favoured space within the home.  They are often adjacent to a dedicated entertainment zone within the house perhaps adjoining snooker, cinema and media rooms.  They can be party central where one dances the night away or Elysian retreats – a place to relax over a finger or two of single malt whiskey or that special glass of Montrachet.

The contemporary bar is fast becoming a must-have for the elite home whether this be created in a country or city residence.  These chic spaces sit comfortably alongside an increasingly long list of essentials for elegant 21st century living.   From libraries to dressing rooms, walk-in pantries and professional kitchens, complete with a Chef’s table to bespoke wine and boot rooms and the sleekest pools and spas; it would seem the list of lifestyle must-haves has few boundaries when it comes to luxury living on a grand scale…

Art Deco Delight

The modern bar is currently the star turn taking design references from the past and from the immediate environment and places which have cherished memories for the client.  Top tier hotels can often be an inspiration for the design with the Art Deco period finding favour with the discerning client.

Janine Stone comments:  “The Art Deco period offers superb design motifs that instil a timeless and elegant mood to the space. I like to push the boundaries of craftsmanship and artisan detailing when creating these special areas in the modern home, and a bar is rather like opening an exquisite jewel box; it reveals its gems gradually; glinting and catching the light, inviting you into its world to explore further.”

Fusing exquisite materials with unique design – rare woods, marquetry and elaborate inlay, bespoke cabinetry, shagreen, antiqued (L’eglise) mirror glazing and beautiful paint and surface treatments from deep rich tones to the palest metallic hues, creating a truly sophisticated and luxurious mood.


Glamorous Gadgets

The modern bar features a plethora of gadgets and clever solutions from wine fridges, colder beer storage fridges, bijoux  ice makers, a discreet hot tap for tea and coffee and of course the essential wet bar and chilled glass storage which was once the preserve of 5 star hotel suites.   Today you don’t even have to leave home to enjoy a fine glass of wine in the chicest of surroundings.

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Lead page:  The glory of Art Deco – Claridges Hotel, Fumoir Bar, London.
This page:   The Wellesley Hotel, Knightsbridge, London.