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Interior Design Trends: Outdoor Kitchens

A recent article in the Telegraph suggested that “a hot trend for outdoor gastronomy” in the UK has been cooked up due to the increasing amounts of time we’re spending in our gardens and the requirement to dine mainly at home.

Whilst many of us will be accustomed to dining alfresco in the warmes climes of St. Tropez or Montego Bay, where our holiday homes maybe located, how many of us have considered creating an outdoor kitchen space back here in the UK …

Well, this is a trend that we at Janine Stone & Co. have observed in our client requests over the last 12-18 months. In the scheme illustrated below, we took the ground floor of a large Holland Park mansion and created an open plan kitchen at the rear that extends out into the garden. Suddenly, the whole space feels bigger, lighter, more natural and appropriate for dining/entertaining alfresco.



As you can see the trend, isn’t simply about tucking a pizza oven in the corner of your yard, it’s about extending your home to create an arena where the full outdoor experience can be enjoyed.

Whether you live in a Georgian townhouse or more recently built home, it’s important not to overlook the character of the property you live in before buying an off-the-shelf kitchen. Clients who want to create a space that fits with the personality of their home as well as their lifestyle should always consult an interior designer. Off the shelf-designs typically favour modernist homes and in the past, we’ve shown bespoke design always ensures the happiest results.

The material finishes on an outdoor kitchen are essential to its ability to endure the extremes of mother nature, but it’s possible to design them from a wide rnge of materials including; metal, timber, concrete, marble, or even glass.

Professional grade wok burners, teppanyaki plates, champagne coolers and cold smokers are among the more interesting features typically required in these spaces. The imagination very much is the limit, when it comes to such things…

Whilst the events happening in society currently may lead to a spur in requests for outdoor kitchens, we think that in the UK it’s much more likely clients will prefer to have adaptable spaces that extend the indoor space into the outside. A perfect example is our previously mentioned Holland Park case study, where the client’s kitchen was protected from the elements behind large bi-fold doors that in spring and summer could be opened onto their garden terrace. The result is a much more efficient use of space and resources, which is much more suited to a city like London with it’s weather and where residential land is more scarce than in the hills of California.

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