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Future Interior Design Trends

How Challenging Times Spur Creativity

Challenging times in history are often coincide with periods when society enjoys great spurs in creativity. Whether you point to the rise of Romanticism during the French Revolution or the bohemian style during the Vietnam War, the evidence for this argument is all around us. The idea begs the question, in the current pandemic, how will creativity and interior design will change.

Interior design trends often express how society is feeling and how its people want to live. At a time where many in the population are feeling anxious and with their lives shaped by forces outside of their control, it follows that we should want to create interiors that are comfortable, warm, reassuring, and uncomplicated.

bedroom interior design
Janine Stone & Co. worked with Hawksbee for the lighting on this project.

Warm lighting, bespoke wall coverings and soft organic fabrics quickly create a natural cosiness in this bedroom that is very much understated in its opulence.

Beyond the increasing popularity of using natural materials in furniture and fittings in the interior décor, flora in the home will certainly grow as an interior design trend. Whilst we have all a been locked down in our homes over the last few months, people are longing to connect with the outdoors and with nature.

Dining Table Furniture in High End Interiors
The more time we spent at home, the more we realise that we want the spaces in our homes to have different atmospheres at different times of the day. For instance, if the children spend their whole day studying in the living room – then by the evening we also want it to feel like a space they can retire to in the evening. Design in the future will become more multi-functional. Sideboards with desks built within them or dining tables that have been specially designed to transform into a games table by the evening (as was something Janine Stone & Co. have undertaken for clients).

It seems interior designs that make the inhabitants feel comfortable, at ease and where they can be their true selves will be increasingly popular. For many people – introducing a range of lighting in their homes, adding well-made furniture made from wood and other natural materials, piling in thick, soft textiles into their spaces will go a long way to creating this comfortably reassuring space. Yet those who can afford to consider layout, space and design for all the senses, as the day changes will be the ones who most quickly adapt and thrive in this new world we live in.

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