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Contemporary Design Trends

Modern dressing rooms come of age …

Janine Stone has created some of the most elegant and harmonious dressing rooms in which to house her clients’ fine clothing and luxurious jewellery collections.

Janine comments:  “When one thinks of a walk-in wardrobe or a bespoke designed dressing room, we tend to envisage dark areas where the only consideration is one of storage.  However, the most alluring and comfortable are dressing rooms within their own right; spacious, glamorous and suffused with a combination of natural and artificial light so that colours and textures can be seen accurately”.


Lighting these spaces is key and play an important part in lending the space a changeable atmosphere and mood.  Janine Stone use some of the most innovative lighting solutions for these projects which are able to create day-to-night illumination integrated within a programmed lighting system.  The illumination works in harmony with mirrors and seating areas, and above hanging rails and shelving to maximise the visual impact and enhance the viewing space and clothing textures.  Clever technical solutions exist too for the hanging space which can be coded into the electric system of the house and adapted for a residential setting.

There are ingenious options to keep fur coats and stoles at just the right chilly temperature; a dedicated ‘cold store compartment or fur fridge’ can be incorporated into the run of hanging space ensuring perfect temperature control at all times.  Precious jewels and watches are housed within integral safes combining the very highest level of security with efficient storage.  Client’s collections of rare and valuable watches will nestle within a watch-rotating mechanism which helps to maintain optimum working.  For added drama a secure glass-fronted watch-winding cabinet is the preference; designed to store and showcase personal collections of specialist watches, much like a watch library.  Clients’ often choose to display their collections within bespoke glazed cabinets just as one would find in the most sophisticated ateliers of the world’s fashion capitals.

Drinks and small entertainment areas are part of the space and feature bijoux chilling cupboards which are seamlessly woven into the arrangement of cabinetry.  There are dedicated spaces for all things beauty inspired from manicures and pedicures to red carpet make-up with enhanced lighting for accurate application, a key requirement from professional make-up experts who work with our clients.

Janine concludes:  “Dressing rooms are evolving, today they imbue the space with a sense of serenity and reflection and combine the best of efficiencies within an elegant environment.  It is an absolute luxury to live this way”.