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How To Choose A Piece Of Art For Your Home

Interior Design Advice

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing art for your home. Even for our interior designers, who on many occasion have scoured through our client’s sometimes quite vast art collections to find the perfect pieces to adorn their walls, admit it’s challenging.

We recently published a post detailing how the interior design for one of our projects was inspired by a series of paintings by the Maltese artist Ġoxwa Borg, but sometimes you just want to choose the perfect piece of art for your home, rather than change the interior.

Janine Stone & Co. interior designer, Olya Kalosha, suggests that the easiest way to choose art for your home is to ‘focus on one room at a time‘, otherwise the scale of the job will engulf you. She suggests a number of things to consider when it comes to finding art for your home:

1. Visualise

Take a picture of the artwork you’re thinking of placing in your home. Upload it to your computer, along with a picture of the wall or space you might hang it. Cut around the image using a simple photo editing or paint tool and drag this into the position in your interior photos. This is a really good way of visualising how your art might look when places in your space.

Luxury Living - A Purple living room interior

2. Scale & Space

You might think that a big wall deserves, a big piece of art, but sometimes a small single piece or collage of small pieces places in a large space can be just as interesting to the eye. If you differ this throughout the spaces in your home, then the subversion of your house guests expectations will help introduce drama to your home interiors.  White or empty space around the artwork will allow it to breath and stand out among the other wonderful interior objects in your space.

3. Framing & Hanging

How you decide to frame your art can completely change the way it looks on the wall. Our advice would be to choose a frame style that matches your style of the painting, i.e. something ornate for a renaissance work or minimalist for a post modern artwork. The colour of your frame, should be chosen from the colours that in the artwork in order to avoid a clash.

If there is no furniture  to be places in front of the art, then you should hang art so that the centre of the work is at eye height.

Janine Stone Belgravia project


If you have the right artwork it will work anywhere in your space and become a talking point among the guests that visit you. The key to successfully choosing the right artwork for your home is always to visualise scale, framing and lighting.