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Five of The Best:

Beer Gardens In London

One of the great pleasures British summer time is being able to visit your local and bask gloriously in it’s beer garden. That said, with land values being what they are there are very few pubs in Prime Central London that are able to boast such spaces. That’s why we’ve decided to round-up a list of five of the best pubs in London, where you can enjoy a pint or two under the sun.

1. The Orange Tree, Totteridge

Blending rural charm with modern flair, The Orange Tree is a popular pub for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of central London. Its quaint green and romantic outdoor terrace makes it’s the perfect place to stop for an impromptu evening beverage, complemented, if you wish, with an order from their seasonal menu, which includes such moreish dishes as Roasted Pork Belly & Seared Scallops, Caramelised Fig & Goat’s Curd Pizza or Lobster & Devon Crab Fishcakes.

The Orange Tree, Totteridge

2. The Grapes, Narrow Street

A mile or so upriver from Canary Wharf is the enduringly popular poplar pub known as The Grapes. Since 1583 there has been a pub on the site and the current building, owned by Sir Ian McKellen dates from the Georgian era. Whilst it doesn’t have a garden as such, when the tide goes out, there’s a pebbly beach from which Sir Walter Raleigh set sail on his third voyage to the New World. A perfect place to enjoy a drink, even though Dickens compared the architecture of the building to that of a faint-hearted diver who has paused so long on the brink that he will never go in at all…and that was 150 years ago.

The Grapes, Narrow Street

3. The Albion, Islington

This Georgian architectural jewel, feels like it been left over from a time when Islington was pasture and greenery. Located on one of the area’s quietest roads, it boasts a picture perfect garden complete with purple fountain of wisteria, pretty pergolas and potted plants. A true oasis amongst urban jungle. The Albion also serves excellent food including a whole roast suckling pig – that can’t be a bad pairing for the many local ales available on tap.

The Albion, Islington

4. The Crabtree, Fulham

Often a favourite spot for observers of the Oxbridge boat race, The Crabtree in Fulham offers picturesque views over the winding Thames, between the Hammersmith & Putney bridges. The ‘Apple Orchard’ garden hosts barbecues in the summer months, pop-ups from Michelin starred chefs and plenty of space to retreat to on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The Crabtree, Fulham

5. The Phene, Chelsea

A few years ago Hugh Grant was among some of the well-known patrons who saved this 150 year old public house from being transformed into a luxury residential development. The Phene is a clubhouse-style venue housing a traditional saloon bar, conservatory restaurant and first-floor lounge. Its pièce de résistance is it’s garden – an oasis of calm in the heart of Chelsea – obvious to see why local residents previously fought so hard to keep its doors open.

The Phene, Chelsea