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The Art of Housing Collections

Inside Interior Design

Artwork is the signature of the individual’s taste and preferences.  These collections can be a statement of wealth or identify a collector’s cultural credentials, and it can be a declaration of a passion for a particular artist and their body of work.   These collected artworks imbue a room with the personality of their owner and make a truly personal statement.

There are a number of factors to consider when beginning the process of arranging each piece for best effect.  It’s important to take the overall space into account, this will help aid the creation of a fluid viewing experience that is at once harmonious and elegant and importantly, a pleasure to the eye.

Reviewing the proposed artworks and the space in which they will hang and be displayed allows for reflection, and will help to ensure all aspects have been considered; these elements include:  a clear sight line to large paintings or dramatic pieces to showcase for maximum impact;  an area which will spotlight a particular piece of objet d’art from a treasured bronze or rare artefact to contemporary ceramics and installations.  It is also important that lighting doesn’t detract from the artworks but works to enhance the beauty of the piece.   Areas that are too dark will present voids and shadows and too dazzling a light can give glare which will distract the viewer from enjoying the artwork to its full potential.

Janine Stone works with a group of specialist lighting and technical experts as well as artisan picture hangers to help transform a space into the extraordinary.  Elegant settings are created with subtle and sophisticated focal points for those treasured pieces to be placed.  The result is an elegant and pleasing aesthetic which takes complete account of the clients’ love of their particular collection.