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5 Podcasts On Architecture, Interiors & Design

What Every Design Lover Should Be Listening To

Podcast listening in the last few years has boomed around the world. Despite interiors and design typically being a very visually driven industry, there is an amazing amount you can learn about design simply by listening. The podcasts we have chosen for our list cover a range of different topics that inspire our team to question what design is and means to them…

best interior design podcasts

1. Clever – A Podcast About Design

Every object, system and environment in the built world has been designed. Designer Amy Devers and Design Milk’s Jaime Derringer have candid conversations with designers about design and how it shapes us, as much as we shape it. They’re podcast tries to get to the heart of what makes good design in the objects and environments we create.


2. The Interior Style Hunter Podcast

Hosted by luxury interior design blogger Grant Pierrus, this series will provide you with an inside look at the world of luxury interior design. Interviewing a range of business people from the design world and discussing topics as varied from what makes certain designs collectible, to understanding the relationship between interior designers and architects.


3. Design Matters

Designer Debbie Millman interviews some of the most interesting figures from across the full spectrum of design fields. The show offers insightful conversations with editors, curators, creative directors, illustrators, designers, and writers. The more of these conversations we listen to, the easier it is to connect the dots across so many design led industries.


4. Christies – Think Like An Art World Expert

Christie’s Education new podcast series, Think Like an Art World Expert, maps careers in the art world beyond the roles of curators and gallerists, offering listeners in-depth interviews with a variety of specialists, sharing insights on how they reached their position, what their role entails, skills they have collected along the way. Essential listening for designers dealing with such specialists, day-in, day-out…


5. 99% Invisible

Roman Mars hosts a weekly podcast on design and architecture, diving into the how everyday items like flags and pinball machines get created. He shares fascinating stories on topics such as bubble houses and copy cat cities in China—all in about 20 minutes. Great listening for the morning commute.