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Stage Six: Build And Project Management

Commissioning Janine Stone & Co.

“For the client to coordinate a major project involving; architecture, interior design and construction is no small task. Having all the disciplines in house enables the project to be delivered seamlessly and in the client’s best interests.”

In this series of posts we take a look at the steps involved in commissioning Janine Stone & Co. as your architect, interior designer and/or build project manager. These steps are a guideline to the process that our clients experience when working with us. 

Step Six: Build And Project Management

Whether a client wants to undertake a major extension to a wing of their house or transform a basement into an underground gym, spa and leisure area. Clients are increasingly looking to develop their properties by adding to the overall space, in addition to creating environments that are in tune with their lifestyle and aspirations. Such projects demand architects, interior designers and construction specialists on site, but more than that they require a special kind of cooperation and collaboration. From the day the contract starts, our designers work closely with our project managers to continually monitor and coordinate time, quality and costs. We are a business fortunate to truly have all the necessary disciplines in-house.