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Understanding Subterranean Developments In London | Janine Stone

Making sense of the planning rumours

Over recent months there has been some discussion and (it might be said) rumour-mongering among property professionals that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (“RBKC”) intends to change its planning policy to restrict any further subterranean developments. Understandably, this has caused some consternation within the industry.

While it is true that the council has commissioned a review of its current policy, its purpose is to explore whether the existing policy (which is four years old) is sufficient to protect neighbouring residents and properties from structural and works issues during and post-construction. Following the completion of the review, the council will provide outlines, guidance and safety mechanisms for those commissioning and undertaking basement works. While there may be some further restrictions as part of this review, we consider it highly unlikely that RBKC will prevent outright any further subterranean development; please click the link below for further thoughts on the issue.