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Make The Most Of Your Home’s Interior

Working With Janine Stone & Co.

The lockdown has caused many of us to reconsider how we use the spaces in our homes and reflect on how we’d like to redesign them. Our kitchens, studies, and living spaces are all having to work harder than we’re used to. Homes are adapting to many more functions – including children’s study, personal workout, video-conferencing, and dining throughout the day. We’ve noticed the pandemic is encouraging our clients to get the most from their homes and press ahead with the design projects they’ve put off for some while.

Commissioning Janine Stone & Co. can make the experience of undertaking a project so much more enjoyable and less stressful. Not only will we take you on the exciting journey of discovering your tastes, our years of experience coordinating suppliers, commissioning artisans creating bespoke furniture pieces, and overseeing the project’s budget and timeline – allows our clients to focus the more enjoyable aspects of the work.

Janine Stone & Co. has been designing and creating interiors tailored to the lifestyles and personalities of our clients for over thirty years. Over this time we have developed a wealth of contacts across the design world, that our clients are gain access too when they commission us. It is this, which has built our brand and continues to allow us to ensure every design detail on a project is considered.

To learn more about how our projects are commissioned read our website’s blog series or take a look at our services page.