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Coordinating Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors

From Concept To Completion

This month Country Life editor, Giles Kime, interviews our Head of Architecture, Jeremy Spencer, and says in his opening remarks “the greatest houses ever built are the product not only of brilliant design, a beautiful setting and exquisite craftsmanship but also the result of teamwork between architects, builders and, of course, clients. Orchestrating these different elements doesn’t merely require experience, contacts and communication, it also involves a process that will guarantee that all the different skill sets dovetail together perfectly at each stage.”

When we meet any potential new client, it’s common for us to be asked “how is my project going to be coordinated? who is going to manage the contractors and make sure the design is being built as specified?

When your ambition is to create an exceptional home for you and your family, then it’s essential that you stay at the centre of your project, whilst handing over the reins of all this work to people with experience across the various specialisms required to complete your vision. At Janine Stone & Co. we take up the burden of this role for our clients and have become adept at keeping all parties in sync over 30 plus years of creating, refurbishing and restoring some of the world’s most exceptional family homes.