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Challenge No. 7 – A Country-House Drawing Room

House & Garden Magazine – April 2021

In the seventh episode of House & Garden Magazine’s Creative Responses series with Janine Stone & Co., our design team was briefed by the Magazine’s editors to design a drawing room for a couple moving to a grand Georgian country house.

On the brief

In the scenario given to us, the clients had bought a grand, grade listed rural escape, and wished to replicate the kind of interiors they have enjoyed in the UK’s best country-house hotels. The magazine’s editors asked us to deliver an aesthetic that marries traditional English style with contemporary sensibilities for this client

HG Drawing Room Janine Stone

Our response

Our experience renovating country homes has taught us that the majority of grand homes on the market require significant renovation and enhancement to be truly comfortable and fit for modern life. So our team gave special consideration to selecting furnishings, fixtures and furniture that would provide modern comfort and utility; working with the elegant original architecture and not trying to cover it up.

Full-length windows on one side of the room, flood this space with natural light. Porcelain coloured walls, move away from traditional pastel tones for a building of this period and immediately bring the look of the space up to date.’ These serene neutrals, varying in tone and texture, continue onto the upholstery. Nothing is jarring in this room; silver greys, forest greens and pearly cream colours all harmonise beautifully, mimicking the natural hues of the countryside views outside.

A bridge between classical architecture and contemporary pallete and materials, is created from a mix of traditionally inspired forms and objects around the room. Classically inspired sofas and armchairs designed for sinking into; handy side tables on which you can rest a drink or a book; art deco lamps and enlightenment era artworks softly lit from above.

You can sit anywhere in this room and feel at ease. Tradition and modernity, comfort and style, airiness and warmth have all been seamlessly woven together to create the epitome of what anyone moving out of the city wants – a deeply relaxing and inviting space to be.

How To Follow The Series …

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