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Challenge No. 6 – A Luxurious Bedroom Master Suite

House & Garden Magazine – Feb 2021

In the sixth episode of House & Garden Magazine’s Creative Responses series with Janine Stone & Co., our design team was briefed by a real client to decorate their master bedroom, in a luxurious newbuild flat in Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square.

On the brief

New build apartments, even in luxurious developments, often use the same layout and can sometimes feel the same as neighbouring residences. Tailoring the interiors of them to create something that feels original and bespoke is something we’re commonly asked to do. Our clients agreed. They wanted a truly one-off design, that would be reflected in the choice of the furniture, finishes, and fixtures. 


Our response

There are many bespoke features in this design which you could say help to achieve it’s originality (Including; the custom-designed bed by Janine Stone designers, the one-off cloud pendant lamps or the wallpaper in which we worked with a specialist to weave three-dimensional metallic strands into the fabric for added texture to the walls.) However, the sum of these features is greater than all its parts. It’s extremely uncommon for developer finished apartments to layer in such a vast array of different textures and materials, which this scheme does. This is already one of the things that makes it a bit special/distinct. 

On top of the wallpaper, we have layered wood panelling, made by a French plaster artist, which instantly introduces an unusual spectacle to the room, adds a layer of warmth to the space, and also acts as a wonderful contrasting canvas for the rest of our scheme. Light itself is then layered on top of these panels, by using the natural patina of the parchment shade table lamps (by Nicolas Aubagnac) to cast a delicate diamond pattern upon them and the bed.

The cloud-like shadows cast by the pendant lamps are another example of the use of subtle layering, that helps to transport those who step into the room away from their stresses outside. The circular forms in which the ceiling lights are arranged, are mimicked in the seating furniture arrangement and wave-like patterns that are part of the carpeting. The rosewood and brass coffee table, which appears to hover over the surface of the carpet, could almost be floating like a pebble in a pool. Like a fine artwork, it’s only once you concentrate on the composition of this design, that you start to draw out zen-like patterns and symbolism.

Reinforcing the zen-like qualities of this bedroom is our heavy use of natural materials and tones. Deep rosewood (Sideboard, coffee table, and bedside table) are contrasted with dreamy pearl and ivory tones (carpet, desk and furniture upholstery). The pearl/ivory pallete we chose, was also in part inspired by our client’s love of luxury couture and indeed many of the French-designed objects in the space (Mirror, dressing table) have a certain chic element that chimes with these sensibilities.

When you look closer, you’ll note how there are lots of geometric features and patterns in this space (the wall panelling, beside table, dressing table, diamond lamp shade patina). But the lines have all been softened in some form or another (whether it is the bowing of the dressing table legs or the subtle organic curvature of the bedside table edges or panelling design). These forms are the most commonly used shapes in the world of interiors, but they help us to achieve this bedrooms’ original aesthetic as well as bridging the gap between the boxiness of the architecture and informal, more organic furniture and furnishings.  

How To Follow The Series …

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