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Challenge No. 10 – Blank Canvas To Welcoming Lounge

In the tenth episode of House & Garden Magazine’s Creative Responses series with Janine Stone & Co., our design team was briefed by the Magazine’s editors to take a plain, boring square of a room in a country house and bring it to life as a welcoming sitting room

On the brief

The brief asked Janine Stone & Co. to transform an ugly duckling of a property into a handsome country residence. The brief asked for a timeless design that would give the home’s unadorned architecture a greater sense of history, style and character (all whilst not making it feel like a historical artefact). The ambiguity of such a brief requires a delicate touch.

Janine Stone House & GArden Reception

Our response

This lounge exudes a sophistication, warmth and sense of security, thanks to thoughtful architectural detailing, an eclectic selection of decorative objects and confident application of colour. The design balances formality with pure comfort, going against the wave of today’s popular interior trends, in favour of a more unique/individual style that aims to impress any would-be visitor.

Originally a plain, box-like room with clean (but boring) edges, a great deal of the lounge’s new sophistication and timeless qualities come from the architectural details we added. Bespoke designed cornicing, adding a fireplace that never was, an inset ceiling and wall panels with details that echo what you’d expect in a Georgian home in Belgravia. In various ways, we have contemporised features inspired by neo-classicism, to ensure there is that balance of antiquity and modernity.

“With this more interesting structure in place, the decoration of the room has been designed to create an atmosphere of inviting warmth. Creamy, rich shades of brown feel incredibly luxurious, from the caramel colour of the walls to the dark wood of the furniture, with a touch of drama in the spectacular coffee table carved from ziricote wood.” says House & Garden.

For when guests visit, an eclectic array of decorative objects and ornaments are there to impress, spark conversation and fuel storytelling among the guests. These kinds of decorative objects are an important feature in any room house guests are invited. Our particular favourite is the screen featuring an artistic depiction of panthers hanging from the trees. From antique turtle shell teas boxes to one-of-a-kind lacquered side tables fabricated according to artisanal techniques established in medieval China, we have called upon artisans from all corners of the globe to either curate or commission the exotic array of furnishings in this space.

“The finished product is no pastiche of a particular time or place; in the blend of its variously sophisticated components, the team at Janine Stone have created something all their own.” says House & Garden.

How To Follow The Series …

A summary version of Janine Stone & Co.’s tenth design challenge and their response is available to read on the House & Garden website.

Further exclusive content and behind the scenes information is available on the Janine Stone website and Instagram (@janinestone_co), where you can keep up to date with the various design challenges House & Garden will be setting us over the course of this year.

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