Janine Stone

Creative Director

The daughter of a dress designer and an artist, Janine enjoyed a childhood filled with fine furnishings and exotic fabrics. Undoubtedly this influenced her choice of career – and when her father began branching out into interior design projects, it seemed natural to join him in this venture.

Janine travelled extensively throughout Europe, working on numerous projects and developing contacts with craftsmen across the continent and beyond. She established her own interior design business in 1987 and has seen it grow into the multi-disciplinary practice it is today.

With her work and career extensively covered both by interior and lifestyle publications, as well as the business and international financial media.

The company’s growth and success however has not distanced Janine from her passion of working closely with her creative team and maintaining strong relationships formed with each client.

“I am blessed to be working in an industry I love, I could not think of anything else I would rather do. I am grateful for the tremendous support I receive by a dedicated team who share my passion for creating beautiful homes.”