James Gunn
Interior Fit-Out Director

James gained an honours degree in Three-Dimensional Design, specialising in Interior and Furniture Design, and has worked with Janine Stone since 1995. He has a wealth of experience in all aspects of design, detailing, manufacture and installation, and is responsible for coordinating our design work from concept to final completion. With each project, this means taking control of the concept and making sure it is realised faithfully through the design and construction processes.

James has helped the business evolve into the leading international design practice it is today. He is in tune with Janine’s design aspirations and will ensure the end product is as she intended.

A particular strength is the way he combines the practicalities of implementation with a sensitivity to the quality of the finish. His passion for the business has led him to complete many prestigious projects to an exacting standard on the national and international stage.

None of this comes without a lot of hard work.

“You have to both love the job and live the job when your chosen career is working for private clients in high-end residential interior design.”