Gideon Stone
Managing Director

Gideon’s business background both in the property sector combined with investing and overseeing the performance of a number of technology companies including a 3 year project with BP oil provides him with a strong and diverse business background that has helped Janine Stone grow its business year on year since he joined the company as MD in 1998.

Gideon enjoys working closely with his team of directors, and of course his wife and business partner Janine to help shape and drive the business to meet the needs and expectations of existing clients while developing opportunities for growth into the new emerging markets.

Gideon derives great pleasure from being involved in a business that needs to combine two very distinct skills, artistic creativity with the need for commercial prudence when managing multi-million pound projects.

The creative and talented team of designers and construction managers at Janine Stone work seamlessly to deliver great projects for our clients. In turn we are grateful for the patronage and trust our clients place in our business when asking us to deliver them the most precious of projects a legacy home that can be enjoyed by them and future generations.

“There are very few businesses if any that can have a dramatic effect on a whole family’s quality of life. Our end product is a bespoke home where our clients are going to live and enjoy, where they are going to have important family gatherings, with their children and hopefully grandchildren.”