There was a time when having “arrived” in society was marked by commissioning a celebrated architect to build a residence of grandeur and distinction.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in owning the modern-day equivalent: a legacy home that can be enjoyed by family and friends and bequeathed to future generations.

No matter the scale or location of your project, we can help you explore its full potential based on your requirements and aspirations.

The benefits of working with Janine Stone

Finding a location – From the outset, our professionals can help you locate an ideal plot for your dream home or can advise you on any space that you are considering.

Planning feasibility studies – if there are complexities around a project and you are concerned about its potential for success, Janine Stone can offer feasibility studies, opinions and reports on potential planning and project issues. And if your home is overseas, our international network of associates can advise on local permits, protocols and regulations so you can be confident in your decisions.

A range of design styles – whether your tastes lean towards the contemporary or the classical, Janine Stone employs a diverse team of designers who are passionate about delivering you a home in your preferred vernacular.

From orangeries and oratories to leisure suites and libraries, we will design your home to truly reflect your lifestyle. Our client stories can give you some ideas of the different environments that we have created for people.

Understanding different cultures – our work around the world means that our professionals understand different cultural nuances and how homes can be configured to suit those requirements.

Care for the environment – we understand the importance of ethically-sound building and we use modern technologies and environmentally-sound construction procedures to make sure that the impact on the environment is minimised.

Timelines and budgets – Janine Stone excels at delivering exceptional homes within agreed budgets and timelines. Even from the earliest discussions, we are able to provide you with projected costs and completion dates.