Property search and finance

Property Acquisition

Through our connections to many of the leading international and boutique real estate firms, as well as a number of discreet, off-market sources, we can present you with prime properties that we believe have extraordinary potential to be renovated or developed into exceptional private residences.

After all, finding a property that suits your aspirations can be a time-consuming and frustrating affair – particularly if your time is limited or if you are looking from overseas.

By providing us with a simple brief outlining the types of properties you are interested in, we can discretely inform you of exciting opportunities as they become known to us, and negotiate for their acquisition on your behalf.

And, if your search criteria are more complex or if your needs are more urgent, we can introduce you to a panel of world-class property search professionals who, backed by our architecture and interior design teams, will actively source unique properties that match your requirements and which we can show have extraordinary potential.

Property Finance

Janine Stone has connections with some of the leading brokerages that specialise in financing the acquisition and renovation of properties and other assets. If you are looking for a competitive mortgage (or another form of bespoke funding ) to finance your project, we would be pleased to introduce you to a panel of outstanding professionals.