The Library

Creating the ultimate oval-shaped library…

As the shape of books makes them more than a little incompatible with curved walls, we needed to take an unusual approach to designing our client’s library. To ensure every single volume would fit perfectly, we measured each and every one of them.

Herr Marx’s seminal work was gauged for height, width and depth. As, indeed, were a tiny tome of Victorian verse and a huge, first edition of Italian Renaissance poetry. We also found a rogue Jeffrey Archer. (Is there any other type, we wondered?) He too was measured up.

Next, was the design and build. The aesthetic of the library was to reflect the world of Henry Higgins and Pygmalion. To this end, we created cases and cabinets (finished in Swiss pear, maple and leather) that flowed with the curves of the room. They were, of course, able to accommodate every book.

The client then decided that the library would also double as his office. The ambience and furniture, therefore, had to be conducive both to work and pleasure.


Part of our solution was a carefully planned seating area, including a chaise longue upon which any family member could enjoy that simplest of pleasures: curling up with a good book. And to complement the furniture, the area was soft-lit with floor-to-ceiling glass Art Deco lighting fixtures, neatly mounted on each pillar.

The story, however, doesn’t end here. Having fallen head over heels with the library, the client wanted the design cues to inform the rest of his home.

Cue our Renovate service. Established more than two decades ago, it combines architecture, interior design, build and project management, along with the capability to find property to refurbish or land to build on. Providing all these disciplines in-house enables us to fulfil seamlessly the toughest of briefs.

Meanwhile, back in the client’s library, was all rosy?

Thankfully, we’re pleased to report that Karl Marx and Jeffrey Archer lived happily ever after. Side by side, of course.