The Dome

Sound advice – or in other words, “acoustic management…”

We asked our clients to brief us on every conceivable entertainment scenario they were likely to host Рlunches, soir̩es, dances, and even formal dinners with up to 40 guests.
At each function there would be music. More often than not, opera.

With this in mind, we created a dramatic reception space, conceived in the tradition of the grand opera houses of Milan and Vienna. Here, guests would enjoy champagne and cocktails while musicians entertained them.

At the top of a classically elegant, sweeping staircase – inspired by the Opéra National de Paris – we designed minstrels’ galleries, cut from marble, to accommodate the instrumentalists and singers.

We didn’t, however, stop there. Clearly our client loved music. So our next step was to calculate the reverberation time of the hall. In other words, we measured the echo.


Why? Because we wanted to achieve the same resonance in the reception space as you would find in a concert hall. Actually achieving this, you could say, required a certain amount of fine-tuning. In fact, we raised the ceiling height and added a domed ceiling.
In engineering terms this was a huge undertaking, but it resulted in the perfect space to hear opera. And that is acoustic management.

It’s a prime example of how our Renovate service is designed to function. Providing the disciplines of architecture, interior design and construction project management in-house allows us to fulfil the most demanding briefs.

Back in Moscow, our clients were delighted. After all, we hadn’t just raised the bar, we’d raised the roof. Literally.