The Classical Home

Turning even the most ambitious dream home into reality…

The property was in a part of the US with an annual temperature range of plus to minus 40 degrees. On top of this, our clients, an Eastern European couple, were living in Africa at the time, talking to us in London. (Why work with us in the UK, on a house in the US? Well, our clients knew we would understand the English Palladian style they wanted – and our reputation for completing large projects like this has travelled far!)

Never known to refuse a challenge, we set about crafting a layout and design in response to a number of requests: the building had to bring back happy memories for our client of the splendour of her former school; it had to be timeless yet future-proof; and every square inch was to be usable. As much a puzzle as a challenge.

After careful consideration, we hit upon the answer to this conundrum: a central courtyard. We divided the house into sections, each one performing a specific function, and tied them together around this focal feature.

This gave us the perfect opportunity for some creative flourishes. A south-facing orangery. A secret staircase leading to a wine and whisky cellar. A ballroom that converted into a billiard room. Just some of the ideas that made this home unique.

We’re proud to say we achieved all this with the minimum of fuss. You may be wondering how? Well, it’s projects like this where our Residence service really comes into its own. With the disciplines of architecture, interior design and construction project management all in-house, we can create even the most ambitious dream homes.

Wondering about the postman? We saved him a long walk by erecting a pillbox-style gatehouse at the drive’s entrance. (Well, we do like to be thoughtful as well as creative.)