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Janine Stone's Date Mamouls

Recipes From My Childhood:

Lebanese Date Ma’amouls

In my childhood home in Lebanon, making ma’amouls was always a ceremonial event during any time of celebration or when we had specials guests visiting. My grandmother would bring me into the kitchen and share with me her secrets for making, shaping and filling the ultimate ma’amoul – as had been taught to her by her mother and surely others before.

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Removal Van

Prime Removers:

Eight of the best luxury home removal firms

At Janine Stone, we have compiled a list of the eight best luxury home removal firms making it easier for you when it’s time to move home.

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Janine Stone Award Winning Interior Design

The Value of Art

Can You Collect For Pleasure and Get An Investment Return?

The value of art is a broad subject, and one argued from every direction – whether art is political, emotional, passionate, observational or reflective. We all have a different take on what art means to us, and which artworks, artists and movements are the most “important”. Janine Stone spoke with The Fine Art Group to discuss this eternally debated topic.

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The May Fair Amarillo Suite

An Evening of Elegance with Janine Stone

At The May Fair Hotel

To the beautiful Amarillo Suite at The MayFair Hotel was the setting for Janine Stone’s summer soiree for their Chinese clients.

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The Albion, Islington

Five of The Best:

Beer Gardens In London

One of the great pleasures British summer time is being able to visit your local and bask gloriously in it’s beer garden. That said, with land values being what they are there are very few pubs in Prime Central London that are able to boast such spaces. That’s why we’ve decided to round-up a list of five of the best pubs in London, where you can enjoy a pint or two under the sun.

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A charming cobbled mews

Beautiful Belgravia: Guide To Living In Central London

Belgravia is London regally dressed in its Sunday best.  Elegantly proportioned white stucco architecture characterises the neighbourhood’s distinctive streetscape. This aristocratic London district has a sense of community with its pretty cobbled mews, secluded private gardens and charming shopping streets as typified with Motcomb, Elizabeth and Kinnerton streets.   This chic neighbourhood is home to …

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A Queen Anne revival style home, built during the Edwardian period.

Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Homes:

A Guide To Period Architecture

How can you tell the differences between ‘Georgian’, ‘Victorian’ and ‘Edwardian’ architecture? What do theses differences say about the society in which they emerged and what does it mean to live in one of these properties.

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One side of Eaton Square, one of Britain's most exclusive addresses.

London’s Iconic Streets

Eaton Square, Belgravia, London

Eaton Square in London’s Belgravia district is one of three neighboring garden squares regarded as some of the most desirable prime residential real estate in Britain. For the last two centuries residents have included; Prime Ministers, oligarchs, actors and royalty.

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Climate Control Wine Room

Wine Walls, Rooms & Pods

Storage Options For Your Wine Collection

Whether purchasing for pleasure or as an investment, it’s essential to store wines correctly in order to keep them in their best condition.

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The Architecture of Bond

Spotlight on the work of Sir Ken Adam

In celebration of his achievements, we take a closer look at some of the design lessons to be learnt from the brilliantly talented Sir Ken Adam.

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